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Bio Remodelling Injections on the Gold Coast

An injectable treatment using highly concentrated hyaluronic acid to physically remodel the skin. It boosts skin hydration while stimulating collagen to reveal plump, youthful skin with a radiant, dewy glow. Moreover, Bio Remodelling Injections enhance skin elasticity and maintain the deeper fat pads of the skin to reduce the effects of ageing.

Bio Remodelling Injections on Gold Coast for more youthful appearance

Bio Remodelling Injections is rapidly becoming one of the most popular cosmetic injectable treatments for both women and men in all age groups. This bio remodelling injections product contains the highest concentration of pure hyaluronic acid. It can also be used to treat the face, neck, décolletage, and other areas of the body. Clinically proven to replenish and rejuvenate the deep fatty tissues for a long lasting, completely natural looking result – this ‘liquid honey’ acts as a super moisturiser.

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Image of Profhilo Haenkenium in a bottle

Profhilo Haenkenium

Bio-Remodelling goes hand in hand with a new skin care product from the same manufacturer called Profhilo Haenkenium. It contains concentrated hyaluronic acid with a specific and patented herbal extract of Salvia Haenki.

Profhilo Haenkenium is a unique multi-action antioxidant cream for maintaining cellular vitality. It enhances firmness and elasticity and reduces wrinkles, whilst reducing free radical damage and helping to preserve hyaluronic acid in the skin.

Clinical studies have shown that Profhilo Haenkenium increases natural cellular antioxidant activity by 40% after only 2 weeks, thereby reducing the signs of photoageing (sun-damage), and that by itself it reduces wrinkle depth by 30%.

With over 20 years of proven experience in cosmetic injectables, the Rejuven8 Cosmetix team has diligently curated a selection of injectable treatments that have undergone rigorous clinical testing, ensuring their safety and effectiveness. Our aim is to provide solutions specifically designed to meet your needs and give you a beautiful natural looking result.

Contact us today to learn more about our bio-remodelling injectable treatments and how we can help you look and feel your best.

The facial skin represents the first thing the outside world sees of us and is one of the most exposed areas throughout the year. When injected into areas such as the face and neck, bio remodelling injections boost hydration and stimulate skin cell receptors to combat skin laxity and improve firmness. Suitable for people of any age and all skin types, bio-remodelling injections allow you to achieve a subtle boost in your appearance without making drastic changes.

This bio-remodelling injectable works on all 4 pillars that constitute optimal skin quality:
1. Skin hydration – deep tissue hydration
2. Skin elasticity – the bounce back
3. Skin laxity – volume and firmness
4. Skin smoothness – reduced wrinkles

It acts as a super hydrator in an injectable form as it contains the highest concentration of hyaluronic acid in 2ml syringe, with a total of 64mg of hyaluronic acid. It isn’t a volumising Filler and it won’t drastically change your facial shape or erase deep wrinkles, but it will improve skin laxity, fine lines, and overall skin quality, making the skin look smoother, brighter, and visibly more youthful.

As we get older, not only is there depletion of fat but there is also flabbiness of the fat. As a bio-remodeller, this injectable product appears to be able to retain the fat from being self-destructed, as well as improving the collagen and the elastin fibres in the deeper tissue for improved firmness. Rather than simply treating the science of ageing, we now have a solution that has a regenerative ability that can start treating the root cause of ageing, being deflation, depletion, volume loss and degenerative changes.


  • Improve skin tone and texture
  • Moisturise and hydrate the skin
  • Reduce fine lines
  • Stimulate elastin and collagen production
  • Create smoother, tighter, and brighter-looking skin

A Complimentary Consultation can be done immediately before your treatment to ensure that this treatment is appropriate and safe for you to have done and assess the areas to be treated. Avoid taking blood thinning medications and supplements – these increase the risk of severe bruising.

  • Avoid alcohol for 48hrs before treatment – this increases the risk of severe bruising.
  • Avoid excess sun exposure prior to your treatment.
  • Avoid skin exfoliating treatments such as Facial Peels prior to your treatment.
  • Avoid any cosmetic treatments that may lead to inflammation or peeling prior to your treatment.
  • Please ‘ask the team’ or call the clinic for detailed advice on how to prepare for your treatment.

  • Your practitioner will provide you with a written aftercare instruction sheet with advice on what to expect
    after your treatment and how to look after it.
  • You may experience redness and mild discomfort in the areas treated that will settle over a few minutes.
  • You will see and feel the injectable product under the skin and this will naturally settle over the following 2-3
    days. You do not need to massage the areas as the product will disperse like honey beneath the skin over time.
  • Cold compresses can be used if necessary.
  • Clean the skin with a gentle cleanser for 2 days and do not use any ‘active’ or acidic skin care for 2 days. Please
    ask your therapist for advice on the perfect post treatment skin care regimen to enhance and complement your results.
  • Avoid strenuous exercise with excess sweating for 2 days.
  • Avoid swimming in pools for 1 week.
  • Avoid excess sun exposure for 2 weeks.
  • High quality cosmeceutical mineral makeup can be applied the day after the treatment.
  • Healite LED light therapy in the week after the treatment is advisable to promote healing, minimise redness & bruising and reduce downtime.
  • Is advisable to book a ‘follow up’ appointment 2-4 weeks after the treatment to review the progress of your
  • A total of 2 treatments is recommended in a single area, spaced out by 4 weeks and you may also wish to have
    a further maintenance treatment 8 weeks after your original treatment.
  • Please ‘ask the team’ or call the clinic for detailed advice on your post treatment aftercare.

Bio-Remodelling Injections

Bio-Remodelling treatments are performed by Registered Nurses. Pricing is as follows:

Bio-Remodelling treatments include 2 initial treatment sessions spaced 4 weeks apart to ensure the best results

2 Treatment Sessions (4mls of Bio-Remodelling Hyaluronic Acid) – $1700

Maintenance treatments are recommended every 2 – 6 months

Maintenance treatments once initial 2 Treatment Sessions have been completed (2mls of Bio-Remodelling Hyaluronic Acid) – $695

  • Add Healite LED Light to reduce the risk & severity of bruising $49

What is the difference between an injectable Bio-Remodeller and an injectable Filler?

In general, Hyaluronic Acid Fillers are intended to add volume and replace volume loss in the face, e.g. to give you apple cheeks or a well-defined jawline and pointed chin.

A Bio-Remodelling product contains hybrid cooperative complexes of high and low molecular weight Hyaluronic Acid, with each size serving a different function that is essential to exert a remodelling effect on the deep layer of the skin, allowing for improvement to skin texture and skin quality.


Who is a Bio-Remodelling injectable treatment suitable for?

Bio-Remodelling treatments are intended for anyone with concerns about skin ageing, as assessed by your cosmetic practitioner. Because as we age, declines in collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid can lead to the structural and functional changes to the skin. These alterations can cause a decrease in barrier function and hydration, and increases sagging, pore size, wrinkles, among other undesirable changes in skin quality. Who is the ideal candidate?

There are three scenarios. First, for the pre-juvenation or anti-ageing candidate, typically in their early 30s to early 40s. The second scenario is with patients who have a depletion of hyaluronic acid levels. They are typically in their mid-40s to 50s with relatively good volume but skin quality issues. Third, the mature patient who would benefit from volume correction using traditional soft tissue dermal fillers, however they will also benefit from tissue hydration and improvements in skin quality, firmness, and elasticity.


What is a Bio-Remodelling injectable treatment like?

Bio-Remodelling injectable product is administered as an injection into the skin using an ultrafine needle on 5 pre-determined injection points on each side of the face or 10 injections on the neck or decolletage. Each treatment session usually takes around 30 minutes and anaesthetic creams may be advised in some areas of the face and neck to minimise any discomfort.


Is there any downtime?

There is minimum downtime, largely depending upon the presence of any bruising after the treatment. It is advisable to avoid alcohol, aspirin, or anti-inflammatory medication in the 24 hours before treatment and Rejuven8 Cosmetix can arrange a package of Healite II LED Light Therapies immediately after your treatment to rapidly clear away any bruising and redness.


Are there any side effects?

As with any cosmetic treatment, side effects can occur. You may experience side effects that are localised and temporary, there may be pain, a sensation of heat, redness, swelling or itching. Hardening or nodules may appear at the point of injection. If any reactions persist beyond 10 days, please consult your cosmetic practitioner.


When will I see results?

Bio-Remodelling injectable treatments typically produce a noticeable difference in skin hydration, elasticity, facial volume, and wrinkle reduction after the initial 2 treatments (4 weeks apart). Skin tightening, brightening, and improved texture and pigmentation have been reported after treatment in addition to an overall satisfaction with facial skin appearance after treatment being reported from 8 weeks after the first treatment.

The need for top-up and maintenance treatments may vary anywhere from 2-6 months after receiving your initial 2 treatments, your cosmetic practitioner will need to assess and evaluate your response to the initial treatment to determine a suitable treatment interval.



  • PROFHILO® Haenkenium
  • Multi-action antioxidant cream for maintaining cellular vitality.
  • Enhances firmness and elasticity and reduces micro wrinkles.
  • PROFHILO® Haenkenium contains a hyaluronic acid complex with a dual molecular weight and a patented dry extract of Salvia Haenkei Haenkenium, a powerful antioxidant.
  • Intended for face, neck and decolletage remodelling.
  • For optimal results, PROFHILO® Haenkenium is best used in conjunction with Bio-Remodelling injectable treatments.
  • How to use: Ideal for all skin types. Recommended daily use, in the morning and evening. Particularly suitable after dermo-aesthetic treatments for its soothing and moisturising agents


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Your aesthetic concerns are unique to you, which is why we recommend scheduling a Complimentary Consultation to discuss your specific needs and expectations. During the consultation, our experienced team of specialists will discuss which treatments are appropriate and provide a tailored treatment plan that is best suited to achieve results within your budget. We prioritize open communication and informed decision-making, ensuring that you feel confident and comfortable throughout your aesthetic journey.

Rest assured that our dedicated team is dedicated to your safety, satisfaction, and achieving the best possible outcomes. We look forward to welcoming you for your consultation and embarking on this transformative experience together. Your unique vision is our top priority, and we're excited to help you achieve it.

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