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Non-surgical & injectable face lift on the Gold Coast

Facial reshaping involves the use of muscle relaxant injections in specific places to relax those muscles that create jowls, prominent cheek muscles and a square jawline. Treatments provide you with a rejuvenated and youthful look as seen in surgical facial reshaping which is why it has been nicknamed the ‘Nefertiti lift’ or ‘non-surgical, injectable face lift’.

Face lifting treatment without surgical intervention

Surgical face lifting is an invasive and costly procedure with a lengthy recovery period. The 'Nefertiti lift' or 'injectable face lift' is a non-surgical option that involves injecting muscle relaxants into specific areas to relax the muscles that cause jowls, prominent cheek muscles, visible neck muscle bands and a square jawline. Treatments give you a rejuvenated and youthful appearance to help reshape the face without the risks, cost or downtime associated with surgery.


With over 20 years of proven experience in treating patients with face lifting treatments, the Rejuven8 Cosmetix clinic offers the highest quality medical and aesthetic treatments. We use only the latest techniques to ensure natural, long-lasting results. During your consultation, our dedicated team will assess your individual needs and provide a personalised treatment plan that will help you achieve your desired look.

Contact us today to learn more about our facial reshaping treatments and to find out how we can help you look and feel your best.

Non-surgical facial reshaping is a procedure used to modify & enhance the appearance of your facial features by ‘re-training’ the facial muscles to work in a more beneficial way. These treatments are often used to treat specific health concerns such as ‘bruxism’ or jaw-clenching, teeth grinding, neck spasms and posterior neck weakness. We use advanced injection techniques to ensure that our treatments are safe and effective, allowing you to achieve the desired results with minimal risk. Each patient’s treatment plan is tailored to their specific needs and goals to address theie personal concerns or issues.

Our non-surgical facial treatments offer a non-invasive alternative for those seeking to manage their appearance without the risks and recovery times associated with surgery. Contact us today to find out more about our treatments and to set up a consultation.

Our injectable treatments make use of Ant-wrinkle Botulinum Toxin products that are injected into specific areas of the face and neck to immedicately treat a specific issue or re shape the face over time. These cosmetic injections are placed into facial and/or neck muscles to relax muscles that clench the teeth, relax muscles that pull the lower facial tissues down over the edge of the jawline or relax muscles that create increased tension in the neck. As a result of these injections the facial muscles are re-trained and softly modified to rebalance the face, jawline and neck areas and correct asymmetries and sagging of the lower facial tissues.

The advantage of using Boyulinum Toxin treatments is that they are less invasive than surgery, which typically requires more recovery time. They are also a great way to improve your appearance over time without making sudden or obvious drastic changes to your appearance. Furthermore, the treatments are relatively inexpensive and can be completed in a few minutes with you being able to return to normal daily activities straight after the treatment.

In preparation for your treatment session:

  • A Complimentary Consultation can be done immediately before your treatment to ensure that this treatment is appropriate and safe for you to have done and assess the number of units required to achieve your desired result
  • Avoid taking blood thinning medications and supplements – these increase the risk of severe bruising
  • Avoid alcohol for 48hrs before treatment – this increases the risk of severe bruising
  • Avoid excess sun exposure prior to your treatment
  • Avoid any cosmetic treatments that may lead to inflammation or peeling prior to your treatment
  • Please ‘ask the team’ or call the clinic for detailed advice on how to prepare for your treatment

After the treatment:

  • Your practitioner will provide you with a written aftercare instruction sheet with advice on what to expect after your treatment and how to look after it
  • You may experience redness and mild discomfort in the areas treated that will settle over a few minutes
  • If bruising has occurred this will settle spontanrously over a few days and can be covered with concealer if needed
  • You are advised to do exaggerated facial expressions using the muscles injected for 1/2 hour after the treatment
  • Avoid strenuous exercise for 24 hours
  • Avoid alcohol for 24 hours
  • Avoid excess sun exposure for 24 hours
  • You must not rub, scratch or scrub the areas injected for 24 hours
  • High quality cosmeceutical mineral makeup can be applied immediately after the treatment
  • Is advisable to book a ‘follow up’ appointment 2 weeks after the treatment to review the progress of your treatment
  • Please ‘ask the team’ or call the clinic for detailed advice on your post treatment aftercare

Facial Reshaping Treatments using Anti-Wrinkle Injections

Facial Reshaping Treatments using Anti-Wrinkle Injections are performed by Cosmetic Doctors & Registered Nurses. Pricing is as follows:

Type D

  • Performed by Doctor from $5.72 / D unit 
  • Performed by Nurse EQUAL TO OR MORE THAN 125 units = $4.07 / D unit 
  • Performed by Nurse LESS THAN 125 units = $4.75 / D unit 

Type L

  • Performed by Doctor from $14.30 / L unit 
  • Performed by Nurse EQUAL TO OR MORE THAN 50 units $10.17 / L unit 
  • Performed by Nurse LESS THAN 50 units = $11.85 / L unit 

Type B

  • Performed by Doctor from $16.50 / B unit 
  • Performed by Nurse EQUAL TO OR MORE THAN 50 units = $14.20 / B unit 
  • Performed by Nurse LESS THAN 50 units $16.50 / B unit 

Type X

  • Performed by Doctor from $14.30 / X unit 
  • Performed by Nurse EQUAL TO OR MORE THAN 50 units $10.17 / X unit
  • Performed by Nurse LESS THAN 50 units $11.85 / X unit


Note: each Standard unit injected contains 1 x B unit OR 1 x X unit OR 1 x L unit OR 2.5 x D units. Unfortunately, due to government restrictions on advertising, we cannot mention the specific names of these products.

What is non-surgical facial reshaping?

Non-surgical facial reshaping treatments involve the use of Botulinum Toxin A, which is a type of muscle relaxant. It works by blocking the nerve signals that cause muscle contraction. This means that when injected into certain areas of the face, it can help to relax and lift the facial tissues, allowing for a youthful and more contoured look. Some common areas of application include the chewing muscles or masseters, mouth, chin, jawline and neck.


Why does the shape of the face change?

There are several muscles in the face and neck that shape the face, from the small muscles that pull the corners of the mouth down to give a ‘sad’ expression to the muscles that chew food and grind the teeth. These muscles can grow and form bulges on the outer part of the lower face, giving the face a square appearance. Some muscles are composed of strap-like bands that run from the chest to the jawline. These muscles accentuate jowls and give the lower face a sagging appearance. From a young age, many of these muscle groups are working to create a specific shape or feature on the face. When this is combined with natural ageing, a person’s face can develop unflattering features that make them appear sad and older than they actually are.


Where can non-surgical face lifts be performed?

Non-surgical facial reshaping treatments can be performed in the following areas:

  • Eye area – There are two circular muscles surrounding the eyes that are very similar to the one surrounding the mouth. They create the ‘scrunched’ look around the eyes when we squint to form what is commonly called ‘crow’s feet’. They also pull down the outer, more lateral part of the brow, allowing for a lateral eyebrow lift when injections are performed in this area, resulting in a beautiful natural high arch.
  • Lip and mouth area – This is a large circular muscle around the mouth that contracts to form vertical lip wrinkles on the upper and lower lips while also narrowing the lips. These can be treated to add fullness to the lips.
  • Marionette area – These are the muscles that pull the corner of the mouth down to form a ‘down-turned’ smile, as well as the deep grooves that run from the corner of the mouth to the jawline. When treated, the upper lip’s outer edges will turn upwards.
  • Cheeks – The cheek muscles, or ‘masseters’, are in charge of some of the chewing actions in the face. When we are stressed, some of us clench our jaws and grind our teeth and these muscles help us do so as well. Interestingly, jaw clenching is caused by muscle action, which causes muscle growth, which causes more jaw clenching! It’s a never-ending cycle of events. When these bulging chewing muscles relax, the shape of the face often changes from square to oval.
  • Jowls – These are the muscles that pull the corners of the mouth down and create a jowl effect on the jawline.
  • Prominent neck muscles – When the neck is tensed, these ‘bands’ of muscle protrude from it. It can resemble a ‘frilly lizard’ and is more noticeable in thinner people.
  • Lower face and neck lift – Several years ago, the ‘Nefertiti’ or injectable face lift was developed. It involves injecting muscle relaxants into various areas of the mid to lower face and neck. A large muscle called the platysma is injected at several locations on the neck and jawline to relax it and prevent it from pulling down the lower face and neck. This allows other muscles that help lift the lower face and neck to work more freely, resulting in a non-surgical face and neck lift.


How long do they take to work?

Injections take 3-5 days to start taking effect and will reach maximum effect after 14 days.


How long do the effects of injectables last?

The effect from Anti-wrinkle injections lasts a few months, gradually wearing off from around 2 months onwards. It is advisable to repeat the anti-wrinkle injections every 3 months to achieve the best results otherwise the full effects will usually wear off after 4-6 months depending on the dose used and the area injected. The longevity of any injectable product varies significantly between persons as a result of differences in metabolism, diet & exercise routines, general health, medications & supplements and of course, the amount of injectable product used.


Will my skin appear frozen and unnatural?

No, when used correctly, injectables will give you a natural look with subtle changes to your appearance. Your cosmetic practitioner will discuss the expected results and adjust the dosage to ensure you get the desired result. The injectable face lift is popular because it can provide a rejuvenated, more youthful appearance without appearing overdone.


Are the injectables painful?

While everyone’s pain threshold varies, most people report only minor discomfort or a ‘pinching’ of the skin when using injectables. Your cosmetic practitioner will be very gentle and ice can be used where necessary.


How many units will I require and how much will they cost?

The number of anti-wrinkle injection units needed will be determined by your unique face and the desired result. During your consultation, one of our cosmetic medical professionals will determine your dosage, which can be immediately followed by your treatment. Before your treatment begins, you will always be asked to approve the number of units and the cost.


Book a consultation

Your aesthetic concerns are unique to you, which is why we recommend scheduling a Complimentary Consultation to discuss your specific needs and expectations. During the consultation, our experienced team of specialists will discuss which treatments are appropriate and provide a tailored treatment plan that is best suited to achieve results within your budget. We prioritize open communication and informed decision-making, ensuring that you feel confident and comfortable throughout your aesthetic journey.

Rest assured that our dedicated team is dedicated to your safety, satisfaction, and achieving the best possible outcomes. We look forward to welcoming you for your consultation and embarking on this transformative experience together. Your unique vision is our top priority, and we're excited to help you achieve it.

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