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Stitch-free mole & skin tag removal on the Gold Coast

Remove moles and skin tags without the need for stitches or scars. At Rejuven8 Cosmetix we aim to improve your self-esteem and self-confidence with effective and affordable treatments to help remove unwanted moles in areas such as the face, chest and neck as well as other areas of the body. We simply ‘shave’ the lesion off the skin with our state of the art Ellman Surgitron and use the skins natural healing abilities to complete the process.

Stitch-free mole & skin tag removal

Moles and skin tags are common skin concerns that can cause embarrassment and discomfort. If you are bothered by moles or skin tags, stitch-free mole and skin tag removal may be the solution. This minimally invasive procedure is performed by experienced medical professionals and can help you gain confidence in having clear and flawless skin. Cosmetic removal of moles, skin tags and other bumps on the skin is a lot different from medical removal by your general practitioner as it does not involve any cutting into the skin or stitching of the skin. The raised area is ‘shaved’ off the skin gradually and very precisely until all of the raised mole or skin tag has been removed.


At Rejuven8 Cosmetix, we strive to boost your self-esteem by providing effective and affordable treatments to remove unwanted moles and skin tags. We simply shave the lesion off the skin with our state-of-the-art Ellman Surgitron and allow the skin’s natural healing abilities to complete the process. Our team of qualified medical professionals are highly trained to carry out the procedure safely and with minimal discomfort.

Contact us today to set up a consultation and find out how Rejuven8 Cosmetix can help you regain your confidence and clear away raised moles and skin tags. Our team of experts will gladly answer any questions you may have and provide you with a personalised plan of action for a successful outcome.

The removal of moles and skin tags is a minor surgical procedure used to improve the appearance of the skin. Our professional team of medical experts will use an Ellman Surgitron device during the treatment to create a focused wave of radio frequency energy to safely remove the skin growth. This procedure is generally quite quick, with each mole or tag being removed in a matter of minutes. The procedure is very tolerable with local anaesthetic injections or numbing creams used where necessary, providing a safe and comfortable experience with a low risk of complications.

At our clinic, we use the latest technology to ensure that the mole or skin tag removal procedure is carried out safely and efficiently. Our team of experts are highly experienced in mole and skin tag removal and are dedicated to providing the best possible care.

The Ellman Surgitron is a device that utilises radiofrequency energy to safely remove moles and skin tags. It works by sending a high-frequency current through the tissue which causes the skin tag or mole to separate from the underlying tissue. The heat produced by the current also destroys the cells that make up the skin tag or mole.

The Ellman Surgitron has significant advantages for mole and skin tag removal. It is a very safe procedure as the technology is very precise and it is a quick and painless procedure. It also provides excellent cosmetic results as there are no visible scars after treatment. The removal of moles and skin tags will give you the confidence you need to feel comfortable in your own skin.

In preparation for your treatment session:

  • A Complimentary Consultation should be done prior to booking your Stitch Free Mole & Skin Tag Removal treatment to ensure that this treatment is appropriate and safe for you to have done
  • You will need to have any moles or skin tags checked by your GP prior to booking the treatment to ensure the skin lesion is not a skin cancer
  • Avoid excess sun exposure prior to your treatment
  • This procedure cannot be performed in pregnancy or in a person with a pacemaker or other electonic implant
  • Avoid any cosmetic treatments that may lead to inflammation or peeling prior to your treatment
  • Please ‘ask the team’ or call the clinic for detailed advice on how to prepare for your treatment

After the treatment:

  • Your practitioner will provide you with a written aftercare instruction sheet with advice on what to expect after your treatment and how to look after it
  • The healing process takes 10-14 days for average sized moles on the face and 3-4 weeks for average sized moles on the body/below the neck.
  • It is important that you DO NOT allow any drying or scabbing of the small wounds left behind after mole and skin tag removal. Scabbing will result in scarring and may also increase the possibility of infections forming.
  • For moles & skin tags removed that were brown your cosmetic practitioner has applied Bactroban ointment and a bandaid immediately after completing the procedure. You MUST reapply the ointment and a fresh bandaid once to twice per day for the ENTIRE healing process.  The wound MUST be kept covered AT ALL TIMES to ensure the best result otherwise scar tissue will form. The ointment & bandaid should be left on for showering and overnight. If this process is followed, a new layer of healthy red/pink skin will gradually grow across the wound from the outside rim to the centre, eventually covering the entire wound.
  • Once fully healed, it is VERY important to protect the new skin from the sun by using a 30+ sunblock to prevent sunburn or brown discolouration (hyperpigmentation).
  • Once healed, the red/pink new skin may take 6-10 weeks to fade to a more normal skin colour as further layers of skin form. The final appearance may be just like the surrounding skin or may be slightly paler (It can also be darker in some dark skinned patients).
  • Please ‘ask the team’ or call the clinic for detailed advice on your post treatment aftercare

Stitch Free Mole & Skin Tag Removal Treatments

Stitch Free Mole & Skin Tag Removal Treatments are performed by our Cosmetic Doctor only. Pricing is as follows:

  • Single Mole or Skin Tag $180
  • 2 x Moles or Skin Tags $250
  • 3 x Moles or Skin Tags $320
  • 4 x Moles or Skin Tags $390
  • 5 x Moles or Skin Tags $460
  • 6 x Moles or Skin Tags $530

Add Healite LED Light to promote rapid recovery $49

What is the cosmetic removal of moles and skin tags?

The cosmetic removal of moles, skin tags and other bumps on the skin is a lot different from medical removal by your general practitioner or skin cancer doctor. It does not involve any cutting into the skin or stitching of the skin. The benefit of using the Ellman Surgitron device is that it has very low tissue trauma and only uses radio frequency energy to gently remove moles, skin tags or other benign growths. The procedure is relatively simple and involves numbing the area of the skin with a local anaesthetic.


Why do people need to remove moles and skin tags?

Moles and skin tags can be removed for cosmetic reasons or if they become irritated and uncomfortable. Most moles and skin tags are harmless, but it’s important to have any new or changing moles examined by a doctor to rule out skin cancer. In some cases, moles and skin tags may become irritated or catch on clothing or jewellery, making them uncomfortable. If this is the case, removal can help provide relief. Removing moles and skin tags can also improve their appearance and make people feel more confident about their looks.


What areas does the mole and skin tag removal treatment treat?

All major areas of the body can be treated using the Ellman Surgitron technology depending upon the ease of access. Moles and skin tags on the eyelid can be inaccessible to removal if they are close to the eyelashes. The technology cannot be used if you are pregnant or if you have a pacemaker. The moles or skin tags to be removed:

  • Must be raised off the skin by 2-3mm;
  • Should be checked by your regular GP prior to cosmetic removal to ensure it is not cancerous;
  • should preferably be minimally pigmented – in dark moles the brown pigment may extend into the deeper layers of the skin and shaving the raised section off may not completely remove the brown pigmentation.


How long do the results of an Ellman Surgitron treatment last?

The results of an Ellman Surgitron treatment are permanent. The mole or skin tag has a very low risk of regenerating after it is removed.


Is the Ellman Surgitron safe?

Yes, the Ellman Surgitron is an extremely safe procedure. It uses a special high-frequency current that cauterizes the area and ensures there is no bleeding. This makes the procedure faster and safer than traditional surgery. The Ellman Surgitron is highly effective and carries minimal risk of complications or infections.


Is the procedure painful?

Most people report little to no discomfort during the treatment. The Ellman Surgitron uses a numbing agent that minimizes any potential pain or discomfort. After the procedure, many people experience minimal discomfort or redness.


Are there any side effects?

Side effects from the Ellman Surgitron are rare but may include redness, swelling or bruising in the treated area. In some cases, a slight hot pin prick sensation is felt during the procedure. These side effects should disappear within a few days.


What is the cost?

The cost of treatment varies depending on the area to be treated and the number of treatments required. During your consultation, a cosmetic medical professional will determine the cost for you. Before your treatment begins, you will always be asked to approve the number of units and the cost.


Book a consultation

Your aesthetic concerns are unique to you, which is why we recommend scheduling a Complimentary Consultation to discuss your specific needs and expectations. During the consultation, our experienced team of specialists will discuss which treatments are appropriate and provide a tailored treatment plan that is best suited to achieve results within your budget. We prioritize open communication and informed decision-making, ensuring that you feel confident and comfortable throughout your aesthetic journey.

Rest assured that our dedicated team is dedicated to your safety, satisfaction, and achieving the best possible outcomes. We look forward to welcoming you for your consultation and embarking on this transformative experience together. Your unique vision is our top priority, and we're excited to help you achieve it.

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